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The Donald

The year is 2023, Donald Trump's second term is coming to a close.  He was re-elected on the back of a newly ratified amendment to the constitution.  A few months prior to the 2020 election the house and senate passed "The New 3/5's Compromise".  Which stated that 3 out of 5 business now could legally vote in elections.  This bill had many variations that were shot down in congress.  Originally the bill proposed that every business could vote, but it met stern opposition from a weird mix of bi-partisan effort.

Game Development

Working on a subpar game for RPG Maker MV.  I'll try to host a shitty demo release next week.  I probably shouldn't attempt my own combat balance but we will see.

Anime and Mafia

things started getting imported.  Ah well.  Trying to manually add games from SuPA, jcb and FRFM.  None of them saved excel sheets.  fking murder me senapi

Mafia shit

starting doing things for some god dman reason. 

Finally started working on the shit tier backend.  Looking for subpar testers


Working on importing nadota mafia results to my site.