The Donald

The year is 2023, Donald Trump's second term is coming to a close.  He was re-elected on the back of a newly ratified amendment to the constitution.  A few months prior to the 2020 election the house and senate passed "The New 3/5's Compromise".  Which stated that 3 out of 5 business now could legally vote in elections.  This bill had many variations that were shot down in congress.  Originally the bill proposed that every business could vote, but it met stern opposition from a weird mix of bi-partisan effort.  Tammy Duckworth, Senator of Illinois, was quoted as saying "I thought they were fucking kidding, when we went to vote for this."  Eventually after a few more rounds of fixes, the bill was ratified as twenty-ninth Amendment.  Many Americans are worried that this is the second amendment to the constitution since Donald became president.  The twenty-eighth amendment, gave impunity to presidents on twitter.  The Donald, strong armed this bill though congress.  

The 2020 election was much closer than most historians will admit.  It was almost a breakthrough in this day in age of a two party system.  In 2019 we saw rise to a new party called the Cenaiots.  Championed by their hero and presidential hopeful Jonathon Felix Anthony Cena Jr.  His slogan was "The time is now, for change."  In seemed that this grassroots' movement was gaining a lot of traction.  The people of America and around the world chanted Cena.  He was to be a champion of the American dream and restore not only America to its proper glory, but rectify relations across the world.  He would usher in a new age and truly prepare America as it moves into the twenty first century.  Cena was narrowly ahead of Trump in the Gallup polls.  The Donald and the republican party reacted, by passing the twenty-ninth amendment.  However, most historians of the time still think Cena would have won, if not for a single defining moment in American history.  

Former rapper and all around douche, Kanye West officially endorsed John Cena a week before the Iowa Caucus.  It was called by historians as "The sigh heard round the world."  The grassroots' movement was killed in that instant. Some to this day wonder, if Kanye West did that intentionally as a loyal Trump supporter.  With John Cena out of the way, Trump easily won the election over Hillary running again for some dumb reason. 

As, time moved on American built more walls and lost almost all exploration drive.  Which would be unfortunate because.  Earlier this year in April of 2023, reports that a Chinese satellite picked up a transmission wide beam subspace.  It contained a response to the long forgotten Voyager Golden Records.  The transmission stated that they were from what us Terran's refer to as the Sombrero Galaxy.  They continue saying, that they are peaceful explorer's and find it intriguing that Terran's don't have a unified government or people.  They are a few months away from the Milky Way Galaxy and would love to meet the leaders for first contact procedures.  The UN leaders began preparing for this historic moment in human history.  

Donald Trump in all his glory, started hash tagging #DonaldFirstContactTho and tweeting at the UN members to be invited.  The UN members could not figure out how to block DM's on twitter.  They caved in and invited Donald and his delegation.  To try to make it sound like a formal event, they also invited delegations from some of the more powerful nations of the current world.  China, Russia, Britain, and the rising power of Australia.  Rumors have it that an assignation attempt is being coordinated by the other delegations to prevent Trump from trying to build a wall around earth, or giving a bill to the aliens for traveling in Earth's space.

Secret Service(7, 9-10)

  • The Donald - Named Townie
  • Head of Secret Service - Cop
  • Secret Service - replaces VT(one shot bodyguards) - only useable on the Donald. They die instead if Donald is targeted.  If multiple protect Donald, all protecting Donald will die if he is targeted for a night kill.

If needed Reporter - Tracker

Secret Alliance between Delegations(2, 3)

  • Goons - give them a godfather possibly if town gets tracker.

If more than 13+ could a serial killer

Xenophobe organization

  • Serial Killer - might need BP if two factions

if around 16-18 or so could split mafia into two factions of 2

KBG, MI6, Chinese black Ops

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